Example 1

This is the default menu module layout showing a simple menu with a 15px font, spaced at 10px between links.

Example 2

In this example we're showing a menu with sub-items, indicated by including a down arrow.

Example 3

In this example we've taken the same menu and applied a background and hover colour and made the text uppercase, bold.

Example 4

In this example we've opted for an 'accordion' menu with '+' sign indicator for sub-menu display.

Example 5

Similar to accordion, the vertical menu shows sub-menus as fly outs. In both options, text is centrally aligned and you'll need to add custom CSS if you want to adjust that.

Example 6

In the final example, we're showing an expanded menu showing the main navigation links and sub-menus displayed. using this module is a great way to showcase your website's content.

[beaver_tunnels] [/beaver_tunnels]

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