Which add-on pack is best to use with Beaver Builder?

This comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. There are many advanced modules in the paid-for version of the Beaver Builder plugin that make add-on packs redundant. If your site requires an advanced post module and filter, or if you need hover or text effects, then module packs can satisfy those requirements.

If you have a specific requirement, our module comparison table will help you decide which pack to purchase.

Some add-on packs offer a lot of very useful elements, but you should be aware that in addition to new modules, in some cases add-on packs will also inject their own functions like ‘save and preview’ and row settings that might confuse your end users.

Most add-on packs are published as a single WordPress plugin, so when you install them, they will add lots of new modules to your site. You can turn modules on and off in the Beaver Builder page builder settings but this will only prevent them from displaying in the front-end page builder panel. Some add-on packs also come with row and page templates. So if your requirement is for a single simple module, you may find some add-on packs too extensive for your needs.

To find add-on packs, use the search bar above or browse our products page here.

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