Create full-width Vimeo & YouTube Row backgrounds with Beaver Builder

Video features the awesome LA Gifathon by James Curra on Vimeo

Vimeo & YouTube Row Backgrounds

With the Beaver Builder 1.8.6 update,  you now get options to display Vimeo & YouTube backgrounds. Previously, video backgrounds were limited to self-hosted files or ones that could be reached via a URL.
Now you can display your Vimeo & YouTube hosted videos as row backgrounds, eliminating the drain on your server's resources.
Row background videos don't play with sound so use graphically inspiring films with text overlays for best effect.
We'd love it if Beaver Builder included a little sound on | off button in the settings with a little speaker button on the front end to allow video audio.

Our little feature is the incredible LA Gifathon from James Curran streaming direct from Vimeo.