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view of the settings of the customized beaver builder module

How to customize built-in modules in Beaver Builder

While there are other ways to connect some dynamic (changing) data to settings within some modules, they’re not yet universal and require the additional purchase of either Beaver Themer or other third-party solutions. Recently I set out to see if I could find another solution for adding dynamic content. One that would allow a greater variety of sources and…

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How fast can we create a new child theme for Beaver Builder?

Just released today, Child Themer from Cobalt Apps, turns the process of creating a child theme into just a few clicks. Once your child theme is created, you also have a powerful new editor to access and edit your child theme files. Watch as we go step-by-step through creating a new child theme using Child Themer. ×…

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Highlight parent menu items when viewing sub-pages

I noticed recently that the Beaver Builder theme header menu items were only highlighted when I was viewing the associated page – if I navigated to a subpage of that page, the menu item would no longer remain highlighted. I like to give as many visual clues as possible to help users understand the context and…

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Which themes work best with Beaver Builder?

The Beaver Builder page builder plugin works well with most themes and doesn’t need the Beaver Builder Theme to be able to function. Obviously, the Beaver Builder theme is 100% compatible with the plugin but many developers use Genesis and Genesis Child themes in combination with Dynamik Builder with great success. GeneratePress is fast becoming another popular choice.…

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Add an Author bio to the end of WordPress posts

The Beaver Builder Theme doesn’t display Author bio’s at the end of your blog posts. You can add your author bio using one of these methods. Using Code Add this code to your functions.php to display Author bio at the end of your posts. Thanks to Viktor for the solution. Blog Posts Mike Gillihan has…

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