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view of the settings of the customized beaver builder module

How to customize built-in modules in Beaver Builder

While there are other ways to connect some dynamic (changing) data to settings within some modules, they’re not yet universal and require the additional purchase of either Beaver Themer or other third-party solutions. Recently I set out to see if I could find another solution for adding dynamic content. One that would allow a greater variety of sources and…

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Getting started with Beaver Builder

If you need an overview of the Beaver Builder plugin and theme and how to get started, follow our TAKE OFF! series and consult the Beaver Builder Knowledge Base overview published here. TAKE OFF! Our own getting started guide takes you through the basics of the plugin, theme and resources available. Beaver Builder KB This…

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Beaver Builder Updates

Summer holidays are in full swing and the fun continues as Beaver Builder releases news of exciting features in their upcoming Plugin version 1.9 & 2.0 Following on from our blog post last month, here are a few new updates to add to the upcoming plugin features… Beaver Builder Plugin Updates Justin Busa has recently…

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TAKE-OFF! Part 2: Advanced Beaver Builder

In the second post in our series, we take a look at how to maximise Beaver Builder by tapping into the advanced modules, setting up templates and customising the plugin’s global settings. One of the benefits of using Beaver Builder, as pointed out in Part 1, is the ability to use templates and reusable elements…

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