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view of the settings of the customized beaver builder module

How to customize built-in modules in Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / June 8, 2017 /

While there are other ways to connect some dynamic (changing) data to settings within some modules, they’re not yet universal and require the additional purchase of either Beaver Themer or other third-party solutions. Recently I set out to see if I could find another solution for adding dynamic content. One that would allow a greater variety of sources and…

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How fast can we create a new child theme for Beaver Builder?

By Michael Davis / December 20, 2016 /

Just released today, Child Themer from Cobalt Apps, turns the process of creating a child theme into just a few clicks. Once your child theme is created, you also have a powerful new editor to access and edit your child theme files. Watch as we go step-by-step through creating a new child theme using Child Themer. ×…

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November Update

By Michael Davis / November 30, 2016 /

There’s a new beaver ’round here Hello. I’m Michael Davis. Some of you may have seen Ian’s post in the Beaver Builder Facebook group last month seeking someone to take over Beaver Brains. While he loved creating and operating Beaver Brains, a job change was forcing him to realize he needed to let it go. Over the next few weeks…

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Beaver Brains has a new owner

By Michael Davis / November 23, 2016 /

I’m really happy to announce that Beaver Brains is now owned by Michael Davis, owner of the WordPress application agency, I’m Not Marvin and early Beaver Builder enthusiast. Michael’s vision for the future of Beaver Brains includes expanding the current resources and introducing new tools and features for the Beaver Builder community. When I started…

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Beaver Builder October News

By Michael Davis / October 27, 2016 /

October hasn’t been a quiet month in the Beaver Builder world – Fall / Autumn for our northerners, Spring for the southerners, festivals and holidays for all. And yet there are still so many great new Beaver Builder goodies to talk about. Here’s our roundup of October news.

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google tag manager with beaver builder

Use Google Tag Manager to add custom Javascript to your site

By Michael Davis / October 13, 2016 /

Use Google’s Tag Manager to add custom Javascript to your Beaver Builder pages. By using Tag Manager’s powerful variables, you can add analytics, chat bubbles and social sharing buttons on specific pages at specific times going way beyond the normal control you get from plugins and Beaver Builders own Global and Layout Javascript integration.

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new beaver builder products

New Beaver Builder Products released this week

By Michael Davis / October 7, 2016 /

It’s been a busy week in the beaver Builder community. New products, plugins and templates have hit the Beaver Builder marketplace. Here’s our list of the latest and greatest! Be a better Beaver with these awesome new tools.

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beaver builder image optimisation seo

Top SEO optimisation tips for using images in Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / October 6, 2016 /

Beaver Builder has a number of cool options for displaying images in your layouts and adds useful metadata through structured data and HTML markup in its code. In order to ensure that you maximise the potential for your images to be displayed in search engine results, you should add metadata and optimise images for best results. Follow these tips to get the best SEO optimisation results for your images.

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using bootstrap with beaver builder

Using Bootstrap CSS helpers with the Beaver Builder Theme

By Michael Davis / September 29, 2016 /

The Beaver Builder Theme is based on Bootstrap – one of the most popular HTML, CSS and JS frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first, websites. By using standard Bootstrap CSS classes you can add unique stand-out elements to your page. In this post, we show you some great examples.

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beaver builder header and footer plugin by brainstormforce

Create Unique headers and footers using BB Header Footer plugin

By Michael Davis / September 28, 2016 /

Nikhil Chavan of Brainstormforce, has recently released a new plugin that enables you to create your own unique headers and footers for use with Beaver Builder, GeneratePress and Genesis child themes.

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Beaver Builder theme hooks map function

By Michael Davis / September 24, 2016 /

If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme and need a handy way to reference the available hooks, add this code, provided by CobaltApps to your theme’s functions.php file for a quick way to display hooks on the front end.

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Using ServerPilot with DigitalOcean for a fast, https secured SSL site.

By Michael Davis / September 21, 2016 /

Beaver Brains is hosted on DigitalOcean alongside a number of other sites we manage for clients. For $10 per month we manage 15 client sites including Beaver Brains off of one DigitalOcean server, all managed through the simple and efficient ServerPilot interface. ServerPilot is a control panel for PHP and WordPress Hosting, making it supremely easy to manage servers and applications on DigitalOcean infrastructure. With a £20 / month DigitalOcean server and a $10 / month ServerPilot control panel, we’re saving tons of money and keeping our site running super smooth!

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