Restaurant / Services Menu

By Michael Davis / December 14, 2016 /

  Example 1 This example shows a more traditional styled restaurant menu. Example 2 Here’s an example of the Restaurant/Services Menu module from PowerPack being used to list business services. Example 3 Here’s another spin on the Services type menu. TOP 3 ADDONS FOR BEAVER BUILDER PowerPack Dozens of addons plus templates. A great asset for designers needing…

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beaver builder heading module

Fancy Heading

By Michael Davis / December 13, 2016 /

  Example 1 This is a heading using the color animation. Nature Example 2 This is a heading using the gradient animation. Similar to example 1 except with a gradient instead of a flat color. Nature Example 3 This heading uses the Rotate/Flip Animation option. All of the animations include a time option to set the animation length in…

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beaver builder tabs module

Advanced Tabs

By Michael Davis / October 9, 2016 /

Example 1 This is the standard Advanced Tabs module with default settings in horizontal layout view. American Express Mastercard Stripe American Express Use your American Express card. Every time you buy something, you buy something of value. Mastercard Pay with Mastercard. Every time you buy something, you buy an item of value. Stripe Pay with…

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Content Grid

By Michael Davis / September 23, 2016 /

  Example 1 This shows a PowerPack content grid with 6 Module Posts, a dotted border, centred text and featured image shown. Post meta and post content has been turned off. Accordion Audio Content Slider Slideshow Social Buttons Testimonials Example 2 One of the more powerful features of PowerPack is the ability to filter posts.…

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