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Knowledge Base

Which add-on pack is best to use with Beaver Builder?

This comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. There are many advanced modules in the paid-for version of the Beaver Builder plugin that make add-on packs redundant. If your site requires an advanced post module and filter, or if you need hover or text effects, then module packs can satisfy those requirements. If you have…

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Which themes work best with Beaver Builder?

The Beaver Builder page builder plugin works well with most themes and doesn’t need the Beaver Builder Theme to be able to function. Obviously, the Beaver Builder theme is 100% compatible with the plugin but many developers use Genesis and Genesis Child themes in combination with Dynamik Builder with great success. GeneratePress is fast becoming another popular choice.…

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Add-ons for Beaver Builder

An extensive marketplace is building up around Beaver Builder meaning you can find powerful add-ons for Beaver Builder that will extend the design options available to you. Use our add-on pack comparison table to find one that supports the modules you need. Two of the most popular Beaver Builder add-ons are PowerPack for Beaver Builder…

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Getting started with Beaver Builder

If you need an overview of the Beaver Builder plugin and theme and how to get started, follow our TAKE OFF! series and consult the Beaver Builder Knowledge Base overview published here. TAKE OFF! Our own getting started guide takes you through the basics of the plugin, theme and resources available. Beaver Builder KB This…

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