Take-Off! Getting started with Beaver Builder

If you’re new to Beaver Builder and you’re not sure what it can do for you, then this simple getting started series of posts will answer many of your questions.

Beaver Builder provides a solid starting point for creating powerful websites and in this series, we’re going to take you through the very basics – a step by step guide on downloading and installing Beaver Builder, an intro to the free and Pro versions, the page builder basics and using the Beaver Builder theme.

We’ll also take a look at using alternative themes and introduce you to some of the add-ons being developed by 3rd parties. Throughout the series,¬†we’ll also show you where to find advice, knowledge base articles, forums and community resources. We’ll also show you a few example sites from our showcase that illustrate the kind of layouts and functionality that you can achieve.

By the time we’re done, you should have a good basic knowledge of the Beaver Builder plugin and theme, what additional and alternative resources are available to you, and where to find add-ons, child themes and landing page templates.

Each of these resources will add to your website building knowledge and skills.

Some of these posts will be basic know-how for many of you – but it’s knowledge that we often take for granted. I hope that by sharing these posts, we’ll help new users get to grips with using the plugin and theme and the rapidly expanding Beaver Builder ecosystem.

Our first post in the series – coming tomorrow, is a brief introduction to the Beaver Builder plugin and theme. So make sure you’re subscribed and share this post with anyone who may be interested.

Be a better Beaver!


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