google tag manager with beaver builder

Use Google Tag Manager to add custom Javascript to your site

By Michael Davis / October 13, 2016 /

Use Google’s Tag Manager to add custom Javascript to your Beaver Builder pages. By using Tag Manager’s powerful variables, you can add analytics, chat bubbles and social sharing buttons on specific pages at specific times going way beyond the normal control you get from plugins and Beaver Builders own Global and Layout Javascript integration.

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Beaver Builder theme hooks map function

By Michael Davis / September 24, 2016 /

If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme and need a handy way to reference the available hooks, add this code, provided by CobaltApps to your theme’s functions.php file for a quick way to display hooks on the front end.

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Highlight parent menu items when viewing sub-pages

By Michael Davis / September 15, 2016 /

I noticed recently that the Beaver Builder theme header menu items were only highlighted¬†when I was viewing the associated page – if I navigated to a subpage of that page, the menu item would no longer remain highlighted. I like to give as many visual clues as possible to help users understand the context and…

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Dashboard Widget with Beaver Builder and Beaver PowerPack

By Michael Davis / July 25, 2016 /

It’s great to see Beaver Builder used in such creative ways. Clark Marshall and Chantal Marie-Laurence Edouard-Betsy collaborate on this brilliant solution to bring Beaver Builder templates to your dashboard widgets. If you’re running a network of client websites or a multisite install and need a way to add customised dashboard widgets that upsell, inform…

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Custom post type templates in Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / July 21, 2016 /

Silent movies are often the best and this example from Thierry Pigot is no exception. In this video,¬†Thierry creates a Beaver Builder template that displays the post title, subtitle, featured image, post content and two ACF custom fields using a feature of his upcoming Ultimate Beaver plugin. Displaying Fields The plugin will make it a…

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How to use shortcodes to add Beaver Builder modules in unsupported posts

By Michael Davis / July 18, 2016 /

Beaver Builder gives you the opportunity to decide which page and post types you’d like the plugin to be activated on. If you navigate to Settings > Page Builder > Post Types, you can specify which post type you would like the builder to work with. Not all custom post types are supported though and…

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How to make a full width 50/50 post slider with Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / July 12, 2016 /

Post Sliders in BB work pretty well out of the box. But you can add a little magic to them to do a bit more. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how we achieved the post slider checkerboard effect shown below. You’ll notice on the page, two post sliders stacked one on top…

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Compression, pixel sizes and responsive images in Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / July 10, 2016 /

In this exercise, I’m looking at how WordPress and Beaver Builder handle images, compression applied, cropped sizes and display variations for responsive display settings. WordPress jpg compression When you upload a JPG image to your media folder, WordPress automatically applies an 82% compression to the file. WP does not apply any compression to your original…

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How to hide or show the sidebar on smaller devices

By Michael Davis / July 10, 2016 /

This may seem obvious to some, but it did stump me for a while. I have a sidebar to the right of these posts to display various widgets throughout the site. I add buttons, links and other items as I need them. The thing is, the sidebars were only displaying up on desktops and were…

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Add taxonomies to a custom post type in Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / July 9, 2016 /

Thanks to Julie Wolpers on the Beaver Builder Facebook Group page, I was able to figure out how to get this issue resolved: Beaver Builder always show a summary of the Categories and tags associated with your post at the bottom of the single post, circled in yellow below: However when you create a custom…

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Extending your Beaver Builder layout using hooks

By Michael Davis / July 5, 2016 /

Beaver Builder on its own is a great page layout tool – you can design layouts in ways that were never before possible on the front end of your website. Using hooks and filters extends your layout options further by allowing you to add content to additional areas on the page. For instance, you might…

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