This is the official website for our product "PowerPack for Beaver Builder" (and hopefully, "Products" in near future) 😉
The first time we launched our website, we had less content to showcase and over the time, this kept increasing.

The website went wonky and we decided to re-build it. The good thing was, we had more modules from PowerPack that we could use this time.

It all started with hunting for the correct color scheme and typography. We started with a color scheme similar to our existing one because we wanted to keep our branding same.

BB, BB Theme and our own, PowerPack helped us knock off the site in less than a week (as a side project).
Some new options that we added to PowerPack for column shadows came in handy to build the site with subtle effects.
At the end, we are happy with it. It's always difficult to build our own site. 😉

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